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(Brad, Jay, Bryce & Paul)

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Name: Jay (Ev'Mon) Everson
Age: 34
Stats: 6'2"/230lbs.
Experience: 19 yrs.
Hardware: '94 RMX250; '97 XR600; '95 NightHawk 750
Favorite Riding: Tight Woods & Desert
Favorite Places: Hungry Valley, CA; Baja
Name: Paul (The Rookie) Delgros
Age: 30
Stats: 6'2"/225lbs.
Experience: 7 yrs.
Hardware: '82 KDX200; '84 XR500; Some old street bike (that leaks a lot of water)
Ranking: Tourist (soon to be Adventurist)
Favorite Riding: Tight Woods
Favorite Places: Rubicon Trail, CA; Stonyford, CA
Name: Brad  (Pinhead) Allen
Age: 35
Stats: 5'10"/180lbs. (Sure! I used to weigh 180 myself)
Experience: 17 yrs.
Hardware: '94 WR250; 83 XR500; '97 XR600; '91 FZR1000
Ranking: Bordering on Extremist
Favorite Riding: Technically challenging riding in a area that is vast enough to get seriously lost.
Favorite Places: Rampart Range, CO; Panamint Valley, CA; Rubicon Trail, CA
Name: Bryce  (Conehead) Fowler
Age: 40-ish
Stats: Short & Light
Experience: Let's not go there.
Hardware: '92 KDX250; '86 XL600; '86 GSXR750; '98 KLX300 — I got new hardware.
Ranking: Old Twit
Favorite Riding: Beach Chair w/Beer
Favorite Places: Chaparral Showroom; Anyplace in the Cal desert that isn't closed, yet; Baja, because it isn't closed, yet; Hungry Valley-Los Padres.
Favorite Saying: "You go first. I'm right behind ya."
Name: Martin Orlando
Age: 32
Stats: 5'9"/185lbs.
Experience: 25 yrs. (Yes, I've been riding since I was 7)
Hardware: '84 Honda CR250R
Ranking: Adventurist
Favorite Riding: Tight Woods, Fire Roads
Favorite Places: Holister Hills, CA (1 Day) - 1 Hour away, good hill climbs (mile long hill), Trails long enough to break a sweat;
Jackson, CA (Weekend or longer) - Great tight woods and fire roads - can you say
lets jump some washouts. Good camping sights too.
Name: Becky (Beckios) Everson
Age: 34
Stats: Confidential
Experience: No Comment
Hardware: No Comment
Ranking: No Comment
Favorite Riding: None
Favorite Places: Stonyford, CA
Name: Ken (Merfman) Murphy
40 real years, about 78 "experience" years. "Experience" years are kinda like dog years, only they hurt more.
Stats: 5'11"/180lbs.
Experience:Racing about 16 years

Hardware:1998 YZ250. Extras include Pacemaker2 computer, IMS 3.0 gallon tank, suspension by Slavens, much help from DNA Racing.
Senior B, currently 2nd place, around 20th overall B.
Favorite Riding:
Anywhere there's dirt. Nice sandy loam, tight jersey ripping, arm bruising, welding-rod trees.
Favorite Places:
Home MX track is Aztec in Colorado Springs. Kudos to Byron Wolfe for bringing a class act to the public. He does a great job in keeping the track from getting boring, and prepping it on a daily basis. Favorite trail system is the area in/around Divide Colorado. Same trails were the recent Pikes Peak National Enduro was contested.
Name: George Vadney
Age: (Older than Me)
Stats: BIG
Experience: Yup
Hardware: XR400, RMX250, CZ400, etc.
Ranking: No Comment
Favorite Riding: Unknown
Favorite Places: Unknown

(Yup I made it up for him...)

Newbie: I know how to shift.
Rookie: Someone should have mentioned there was a front brake.
Tourist: HEY, I catch air sometimes.
Adventurist: Sure, that’s a trail! Can you say "Monkey Butt."
Extremist: It’s no fun unless I bleed and puke.
Old Fart: Been there, done that, NO THANKS!

Old Twit: This is an Adventurist until he crashes several times.
Then he becomes an Old Fart! The fact that he's old,
guarantees he will crash several times.