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Banners on All-OffRoad

All-OffRoad supports industry standard 468x60 banners (as seen above). All full-size banners appear near the top of the page, to provide maximum visibility. Currently All-OffRoad is averaging over 13,000 user sessions with over 34,000 impressions (page views) per month. This translates to nearly 250,000 raw hits per month. Each of these pages displays a banner. All-OffRoad has targeted content, published by serious off-road motorcycle enthusiasts for off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. Each visitor to All-OffRoad is an enthusiast seeking information about motorcycle-related recreation, products, and services. Unlike the miss, with an occasional hit, of advertising on a general Internet search engine or directory like Yahoo!, where a low percentage of ad viewers may be interested in off-roading, nearly everyone that views the ads on All-OffRoad are already enthusiasts.

Don't have a banner or a graphics department? No problem, our Off-Road Designs can take care of it for you, at a small additional charge.

Rates as low as $10/CPM (one thousand impressions).