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Award Application
Awards We've Won

Do you have a Cool or Useful Off-Road Web site? We offer three monthly awards for the best sites. We spend a large amount of time surfing, looking for exceptional sites and when we find them, we offer them one of the following awards:
CoolBike.gif (3064 bytes)
UseFullBike.gif (3040 bytes)
VendorBike.gif (3045 bytes)

If you want to increase your chances of us finding you, select the link above to apply. While we are not HTML experts and we are not graphic designers, we know what we like. So, what's it take to win? Generally speaking:

  • Surfability:
    1. Is there a consistent theme?
    2. How many links are broken?
    3. Can it be read (color text on bizarre backgrounds)?
    4. What about multiple banner ads or, still worse, flying window ads?
    5. How many midi themes, fonts, and colors to you expect people to stomach.
    6. Do you have 400 images on your main page, with a download time long enough that the visitor can adjust their valves, clean their air filter and put on a fresh set of knobbies?
  • Originality:
    1. Is there anything other than links?
    2. Did you copy all of your content from other sites?
    3. Do you have something other than "HONDA Sucks!
    4. Is there a compelling reason to return?
  • Please no sites with X-Rated content.

Most submissions will be added to our Links page.

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