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All-OffRoad: Information for off-road enthisuasts about dirt bike motorcycles, dual sport riding, trip reports, product reviews, tech tips, and more...

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Who Are We?
Awards We've Won
What's New?
Search Central

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Back Issue -- Welcome to the April edition of All-OffRoad!
A monthly on-line Dirt Bike Rag (E-Zine).
(Current Issue HERE)

All-OffRoad is designed with the weekend warrior type of off-road enthusiast in mind. Currently our focus is going to be Off-Road Motorcycles better known as dirt bikes (or dirtbikes depending on your preference). This includes all topics for Dirt Bikes including articles on Trail Riding, Dual Sport/Dual Purpose Motorcycles, Riding Enduros, Motocross Motorcycles, eventually maybe even information on Trials Riding. We love dirt bikes and most everything related to them. We feature everything from trip reports to dirt bike pictures, including product reviews.

Our original intention was to provide information for all types of off-road enthusiasts including: 4x4s, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, you name it. After checking out a lot of other sites, and spending a couple of months seriously doing this, we've made the decision to concentrate dirt bike motorcycles (for now), including information about off-road and dual sport riding and dual purpose motorcycles. There are so many other really good sites available that we felt we could only do a mediocre job trying to cover everything. As we grow, we hope to expand back out into the other areas.

Featured in this issue is the usual "High Sides", "Words of Wisdom", "Crash-n-Burn", etc. (highlighting life as a dirt biker) We'll also have a Trip Report from our latest ride at Rasor Valley OHV park in California. We have a review of the Garmin 12XL GPS Personal Navigator and will have a shootout between the Baja Designs and Malcolm Smith Motorsports Dual Sport conversion kits.

Well, here it is almost May and we still don't have all of our articles for April. I promise I'm still working on them and they should be ready soon! I really do have some good excuses, but I bet you don't care to hear (or would it be see) them. I'll just say that I've spent most of my free time trying to promote All-OffRoad and it's really paying off (hey, your here so it must be working). Meanwhile (hopefully) coming in May's issue will be (but not limited to):

  1. More of of our regular columns (rumor has it that Bryce is feeling old and has something to say about it).
  2. A ride report from Forest Hill (this will be late because the trip is actually in early May).
  3. Some cool Trials photos.
  4. A brand new Crash -n- Burn (this is a good one).
  5. Some tips for new riders.
  6. A Survey to find out what all of you really want to see and how you're seeing it.
  7. and much, much, more!

We hopefully will have some BIG news to announce. The details aren't finalized, but we hope to offer BIG discounts from MX South.

(With this issue, we started the montlhy E-Zine format)

All-OffRoad Trip reports, Product Reviews, Tech-Tips & more...
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