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Pull up a chair an' listen up...

You got questions? I got answers. They may not be correct answers, but hey, what do you expect for nothing? Even if you don’t have questions, I still have answers. I have been actively working on and thrashing motorcycles since 1972. And if you count mini-bikes, since 1969. I have owned Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Maico. I also owned a Whizzer. I have helped work on and thrash other people’s Hodakas, Ossas, Bultacos, Huskys, and KTMs, not to mention their Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas, and Kawasakis.

The question is, do you want me to write about things that I choose, such as "The many uses for safety wire," or "How to make sure your Maico’s Del’ortho carb won’t stick wide open," or "What to do after your Maico’s Del’ortho carb sticks wide open," or do you want me to write specific answers to your motorcycling questions? You decide. Send your questions to me here at