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IMS Fuel Tank for YZ250

Manufacturer: IMS
Available From: MXSOUTH
Ease of Installation: ****
Functionality: *****
Styling: *****
Pricing: On the street price is about $180

I just bought a 3.0 gallon (or is it 2.9?) tank for my 98 YZ. I was leaning towards the Cycra tank because I simply detest a wide tank. I was persuaded to try the IMS tank after a good friend had a lengthy conversation with Ty Davis at the recent AZ National. Below are my initial impressions with the tank, fit and finish.

The tank comes with 1 bolt, a new gas cap and a petcock gasket. All the stock mounting brackets are used. The fit on the tank was outstanding. I remember horror stories of people trying to fit IMS tanks on their KX's and CR's, and they had to grind this, or cut that. None of that is required on this tank, at all. The tank uses one bolt (supplied) to hold the tank to the frame. It bolts through the right radiator-mounting hole (not explicit in the instructions). Everything matched up perfectly. The only bad note is that the petcock gasket was missing from my kit. My supplier has been notified, we'll see about their customer service. Anyway, I bought the "natural" (clear or white) finish and it looks pretty trick with the 98 blue/white color scheme. I don't know how it'll look after it's stained with gas, but right now, looks kewl. The stock gas hose hooks up without any kinkage. I know some after-market tanks, since they are lower, cause a slight kink in the gas line. Plug access is as good as the stock. Is it slim? It is as slim as the stock tank! I could not feel any difference in the width of the tank. It does, however, rise a little more quickly than the stocker, but I think I can live with that. Not much quicker, just enough to put two small wrinkles in the seat. The only downside I've found so far is that the tank must be moved to allow access to the upper subframe bolt.

All in all, the fit, slimness and finish of the IMS tank impress me. I am in no way compensated by IMS or any agent thereof. Your actual experience may vary. All models over 18. Not tested on animals. (Yet!)

Ken "Merfman" Murphy

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