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Dual Star Luggage Rack

Manufacturer: Dual Star
Ease of Installation: *****
Functionality: ****
Styling: *****
Pricing: $150

[Luggage Rack]
If you have an XR600 and want a small luggage rack, Dual Star has the rack for you. The Dual Star Luggage Rack is made from lightweight #304 stainless tubing, this small rack is great. It’s designed to be used with the rear fender bag in place. It fits around the fender bag and shares a mounting hole with it. It’s simple to install and durable. As an added benefit it works pretty well as a hand hold for throwing the bike around. The rack comes with two custom bungee-type cords that clip on tightly and stay put.

The clips on the end of the cords are made of Delrin (a strong, fancy plastic). Due to a high-speed get-off, three out of our four clips busted off. This was not surprising. In fact we had supplemented the cords with a bungee-type cargo net. Some of the hooks on this also busted. Due to the fact that we carried extra cords, it was not a problem. We’d suggest you do the same.

This luggage rack is the right size to accommodate a small six-pack style cooler (not recommended for hardcore riding but nice if you're riding to the lake to do some fishing). We used it for a three-day ride in Baja, carrying a small duffel bag of clothing, a few extra bottles of water, and a few other miscellaneous items.

While this rack is somewhat expensive, we’ve found it highly convenient and useful. It’s strongly recommended, especially for the Dual Sport types.

Note: We mistakenly gave Baja Designs credit for making this rack. While the rack can be purchased from Baja Designs, Dual Star is the actual manufacturer. We apologize to Dual Star for this mistake. They make one heck of a rack as well as several other popular products. Their luggage rack is available for a variety of bikes including: XR, XRL, DR, DRS, XT, & KTM. For more information, contact:

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21818 66th AVE West Suite 1
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