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Boxer Briefs

Manufacturer: Meisel-Style 
Functionality: *****
Styling: *****
Durability: ****
Pricing: $20.95 - $23.95

OK guys, do you really want to pamper yourself? Click on over to Meisel-Style; they can take care of you. They offer a truly unique experience in comfort. What am I talking about? Well Iím talking about skivvies, yup thatís right we are talking hardcore under-shorts here. To be more precise, itís boxer briefs. However, these are not just any boxer briefs. These things are comfort like Iíve never experienced. Additionally, these things are designed for guys that are obsessive about underwear, specifically the placement of your... you know what.

Iím sure at this point you think Iím whacked. Well, you may be right, but that doesnít change a thing. At this moment Iím sporting, from their Sport & Fitness line, a pair of black boxer briefs. In fact, I use these at the gym and have been known to wear them riding, when my FOX Comp Air Shorts didnít make it into the wash from the week before. True, they donít have the built in hip pad pockets, but you canít have everything.

Made from 91% Supima Cotton and 9% Lycra these things are soft. They have a ďnatural pouchĒ that ďkeeps you ĎCenteredí more choosing sides.Ē They are full of all sorts of additional features such as 4-way stretch fabric, a soft terry knit inside band for softness, a contoured 3 pc. seat, and a secure leg opening. All of this adds up COMFORT.

The Sport & Fitness version goes for $23.95 and is available in the Competition Model (no fly) and the Easy Access Model (with fly). There is also the Casual Comfort Line that goes for $20.95. These are 100% cotton. Both versions are available in Soft Yellow, White, and Black. The Sport & Fitness line is also available in Lavender (not my choice, but heh whateverÖ). 

In all honesty, these things support your package with the soft tenderness ofÖ well letís not go there. Letís just say that wife can tell when Iím wearing them, just from the stupid grin on my faceÖ

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