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Moose Trask Mountain Jacket

MooseTraskJacket.jpg (12025 bytes)Manufacturer: Moose Racing
Available From: MXSOUTH
Functionality: *****
Styling: *****
Durability: *****
Pricing: On the street price is about $260

For all-weather comfort, it doesn't get much better than this. The Moose Trask Mountain Jacket is made, mostly, of Gore-TexTM and will keep you dry in all but the heaviest downpour. Features include:

  • Gore-TexTM construction
  • Full length front zipper
  • Four large front pockets
  • One rear pocket (when turned inside-out, becomes its own waist pack, including straps)
  • Thoroughly vented (Two front vents, under-arm vent on each sleeve, and rear vent)
  • High, fleece lined collar
  • Touch BallisticTM nylon shoulder and elbow reinforcements

To say this jacket is tough does not do it justice. I can't count how many crashes mine has survived (both high and low speed) without a single tear or ripped seam. There are a couple of minor scuffmarks on the shoulder and elbows, not surprising.

With the comprehensive venting system it can be worn at all times. Moose has done its job well in sizing also. It works great in Baja with the warm days and cold nights. For most of the day I leave it unzipped and as the sun goes down I just zip it up. It does help to carry a sweatshirt for the really cold rides. The jacket has a mesh lining that works great for venting, but doesn't keep you real warm in extreme cold. It does an excellent job of blocking the wind however.

I've tried various enduro jackets from nearly every major manufacturer and this was the only one the fit reasonably. I wanted a jacket that I could wear over my armor. Most other jackets, even in "2XL" would not zip comfortably over the armor. With most, if I could get it over the armor the sleeves were six inches too long. The "XL" Moose fits perfectly. It's a bit big without the armor but that doesn't prevent me from wearing it on my commute to work daily.

I've had my jacket for over two years and it's still holding up well. From what I've seen, the design has remained the same over the last two years, only the available color schemes have changed. This jacket gets a big thumbs-up!


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