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Manufacturer: Ride Everyday Motor Sports 
Functionality: *****
Styling: ****
Durability: *****
Pricing: MSRP $350

Just lock it down . . .

For one reason or another you may find yourself wishing for an alternate means of hauling your bike. By alternate I mean something other than your truck or trailer. Well, the Moto JACKRACK is one the best alternatives. There are several hitch-mount carriers available but we havenít seen any quite like it. Most of the other carriers support the bike by the tires. This leaves a lot of potential problems due to the suspension allowing the bike to bounce around. In fact, just recently we ran into a guy that dropped his bike off of one of those because he hadnít strapped it down tight enough before going over railroad tracks at speed. The Moto Jackrack elleviates this problem by supporting the bike by the frame just under the engine. It secures the bike by the foot pegs so there is no way to lose it.

and jack it up, it's that simple

Another common problem with some of the other brands is the need to lift the bike up onto them. Granted, some of them have a ramp to assist. The Moto Jackrack actually has an integrated hydraulic jack that is used to hoist the bike up out of the way. In fact, the wheels are kept about 15 inches off of the ground, leaving good ground clearance for the occasional off-road excursion. 

The downside is that, at $350, the Moto Jackrack is probably the most expensive hauler in its class. Most of the others run about $250. Is it worth it? How much damage can you do dropping your bike on the road? They also offer an optional gas can carrier (not shown here). A couple additional downsides to this type of carrier, not limited to the Moto JackRack, are that the bike obstructs clear view of the license plate and they hang a lot of weight right from the rear-end. This sacks all but the stiffest suspension. However, it's still a lot better than hauling a trailer!

Just like that, you're on the road . . .

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