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Scotts All in One Tool Kit

MultiTool.jpg (6290 bytes)Manufacturer: Scotts Performance
Available From: MXSOUTH
Functionality: *****
Styling: *****
Durability: ****
Pricing: On the street price is about $16

So you don't have a Scotts All in One Tool Kit, why not? No fanny pack or fender bag should be without this kit. In fact I have one in my XR fender bag. One in my butt pack and one in my tool box. This is the slickest thing since the Leatherman. The kit contains:

  • 2-way speed ratchet
  • 8, 10, & 12mm 6pt. sockets
  • 4, 5, and 6mm allen tips
  • #2 Phillips and slothead screwdriver tips
  • Compact carrier

This gives you just about everything you need to remove most of the small fasteners on your bike. It uses standard 1/4"-drive sockets so you can add additional sockets to your bag to cover any extra sizes. I also carry a six-inch long 1/4" hex extension with a magnetic tip to get a little extra reach when needed. The ratchet with Phillips tip is just about the best tool I've found for removing the float bowl. The only problem with this kit is that the pieces regularly fall out of the carrier, leaving them hard to find. Keeping the plastic bag the kit comes in helps with this.


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