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All-OffRoad - Dirt Bikes - "High Sides" a monthly column about life as a dirtbiker.

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Welcome to "High Sides"! Spending many years reading the likes of "Wolf Tales" & "Duct Tapes" has been inspiring. For years I've been looking for a way to share my feelings and experiences that relate to life and dirtbiking. Well, I finally found it.

First a little about me, for those interested. I'm a thirty-something Manager at a Silicon Valley software company, Remedy. Yes, you may see the Remedy advertising banner atop a few of our pages. Being a stock holder in Remedy, I admit it is a bit self serving. We are the market leader in Help Desk software. Ok, enough about that, on to the bikes. I've been riding off-road since high school. My first bike was a '71 Suzuki TS250. For those not familiar, this was a 350+ lb. two-stroke dual-purpose bike with a top speed of 45mph. on downhills. After that came an '87 Honda XL600 (another dual-purpose bike), a '94 RMX250, a '95 Honda Nighthawk 750, and most recently a '97 XR600 (converted to dual-purpose). Currently, to my wife's displeasure, I still have the RMX, Nighthawk, and XR. I use the RMX for "woods" riding in the mountains of California. I use the XR for just about everything else (mostly desert riding).

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