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Back Issue -- Welcome to the June edition of All-OffRoad!
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If you've been here before, it will be of little surprise that we don't have all (or most) of the June issue ready. If you're new to All-OffRoad, keep coming back. The June articles will roll in throughout the the month. Also, be sure to check out our back issues.

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What's new
Already available are our three new online discussion groups. The first is our "Classified Ads" for you to post anything dirt bike related that you want to sell. The second is "Let's Go Riding", here you can post dates for when you're getting the dusty dirt bike out and where you're going riding so others can meet you there. The third on is "upcoming Events" it's available to post any upcoming events (enduros, motocross races dual-sport rides, etc.) of which you are aware.

Also new this month is the All-OffRoad mailing list. Find new places to ride your dirt bike, new riding buddies to moto with, upcoming events (enduros, dual-sports, etc.) and the latest updates to All-OffRoad right in your own mailbox (note: subscriber's addresses are not available to the public).

What else do we have in store for this month? Dirt Bikes, Dirt Bikes, and more Dirt Bikes with some Dual Sport action thrown in for fun. The months featured photos (most likely) will be more trials photos. We'll have more of your favorite Crash and Burn pictures.

In the area of Tech-Tips, I'm doing some work on my Suzuki RMX250. I hope to solve the idle (or lack of) problem by replacing the carburetor. I swapping my FMF Gold pipe for a Pro Circuit Platinum series pipe. If all goes well, I'll also swap in the thinner head gasket. Bryce finally got his KLX300 off-road, after installing his new Pumper carburetor. Also this month he hopes to add a larger IMS gas tank. Rumor has it that Darcy is playing with his KLX also. He seems to be taking the suspension components from a KX dirt bike and adding them to his hybrid racer dualsport machine. Yes, I'm still working on the comparison between the Baja Designs Dual Sport Lighting Kit and the Malcolm Smith Motorsports (MSM) Dual Sport Lighting Kit. For know lets just say we are very unhappy with MSM (Brad's bike still isn't working and MSM hasn't helped a bit).

Our one and only "Rookie" seems to have spent the weekend showing his step-father how to ride dirt bikes. I'm hoping he'll share with us the results of this weekend. I'm FINALLY finishing my ride report from Aprils trip to Rasor Valley OHV park. I'll also have a mini-report about our one-day ride at Hollister OHV area.

What Are We About
All-OffRoad is designed with the weekend warrior type of off-road enthusiast in mind. Currently our focus is going to be Off-Road Motorcycles better known as dirt bikes (or dirtbikes depending on your preference). This includes all topics for Dirt Bikers including articles on Trail Riding, Dual Sport/Dual Purpose Motorcycles, Riding Enduros, Motocross Motorcycles, eventually maybe even information on Trials Riding. We love dirt bikes and most everything related to them. We feature everything from trip reports to dirt bike pictures, including product reviews.

Our original intention was to provide information for all types of off-road enthusiasts including: 4x4s, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, you name it. After checking out a lot of other sites, and spending a couple of months seriously doing this, we've made the decision to concentrate dirt bike motorcycles (for now), including information about off-road and dual sport riding and dual purpose motorcycles.


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  2. Thanks to everyone that took the time to fill out our survey for May.

  3. It make no difference if you ride a dirt bike, a dirtbike, a dual sport motorcycle, a dualsport motorcycle, a motocross bike, a trials bike, a rat bike, or even an ATV or quad as long as you ride.


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