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Note from the Editor: You've probably noticed several changes to All-OffRoad recently. You may even be wondering what's up. Well if you've been checking us out for a while you probably noticed that things dried up a bit last year. I touched on part of that in the last couple of High-Sides. There were several other issues that boiled down to none of us having time to do much with All-OffRoad.

What's up now? We decided to expand the purpose of All-OffRoad to provide more functionality to our loyal crowed. This includes free e-mail, community discussion groups, integrated search engine (with some pre-canned searches). We're also working to provide one-stop shopping for a variety of different type of products that you may find interesting, including sporting gear, camping gear, nutritional items, books, and more. We're also going to do what we can to keep the E-Zine (or webazine) coming. We are still looking at changing the frequency from "Almost Monthly" to something a little more predictable.


Mountain Bikes

  2000 Kona NUNU Mountain Bike

To start with the bottom line, if youíre looking for a decent entry-level mountain bike, consider a Kona. . . .[Details]

Lock, Lift, and GO!!!

For one reason or another you may find yourself wishing for an alternate means of hauling your bike. By alternate I mean something other than your truck or trailer. Well, the Moto JACKRACK is one the best alternatives. . .[Details]

Land Use  Ė Concentrating Our Efforts; Avoiding Burnout

In fact, now we face a time when some of us old land use horses are starting to sag under the burden of doing this so long.  We canít afford to lose any of our activists to burnout . . . [Details]

All-OffRoad an official sponsor of:
[tread lightly!]

Fortitude, perseverance . . .

. . . Now on to the problem -- As much fun as I have doing it, apparently I really suck at it . . . [Details]


More Wallpaper
My neighbor, Scott, catches some air . . . [Details]

For those new to All-OffRoad please check in throughout the month. Our writers have gotten lazy, um uh, are too busy riding - Yup, that's it. Anyway, more articles will trickle in as the month progresses.

Remember: It makes no difference if you ride a dirt bike, a dirtbike, a dual sport motorcycle, a dualsport motorcycle, a motocross bike, a trials bike, a rat bike, or even an ATV or quad as long as you ride.

All-OffRoad is designed with the weekend warrior type of off-road enthusiast in mind. Currently our focus is going to be Off-Road Motorcycles better known as dirt bikes (or dirtbikes depending on your preference). This includes all topics for Dirt Bikers including articles on Trail Riding, Dual Sport/Dual Purpose Motorcycles, Riding Enduros, Motocross Motorcycles, eventually maybe even information on Trials Riding. We love dirt bikes and most everything related to them. We feature everything from trip reports to dirt bike pictures, including product reviews. 


All-OffRoad Trip reports, Product Reviews, Tech-Tips & more...
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2000 Kona NUNU


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