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Equipping for a long ride

(Note: This is a living document. Every time we go riding we find something new that we "Should've had." As this happens, I update the list.)

  • On the front fender, carry a Moose Front Fender Bag. Include:
  1. A front inner tube (a front tube can be used in the rear tire if necessary)
  2. A tire patch kit
  3. Extra CO2 cartridges. At least four total
  4. A pair of tire irons
  • Carry a Moose Rear Fender Bag on the rear. Include:
  1. Scott’s Multi Tool
  2. 2 and 6-inch magnetic hex extensions (for above).
  3. Leatherman style multi-pliers
  4. 6 inch needlenose Vise Grips
  5. 6-8 inch crescent wrench
  6. A multi-wrench that will fit the front and rear axle bolts
  7. Spark plug wrench
  8. 2 Extra Master Links and a couple extra links of chain
  9. A small piece of -inch fuel line to remove a hot spark plug
  10. An old toothbrush to clean parts on the trail
  11. A small piece of emery cloth or fine-grit sandpaper to clean fouled plugs
  12. 3 to 6 feet of tubing/hose to siphon gas (learned this the hard way)
  13. An extra clutch lever (carried on extended rides)
  14. A Buddy Tow.
  15. Some duct tape (wrapped around oil can listed below)
  16. Assorted nuts and bolts of relevant sizes

If you have a fender bag smaller than the Moose, you may need to carry some of these items in your fanny pack. To carry most of this, cut the top off of two used oil bottles. Fill one of them with all of the tools. Stuff a shop rag or two inside, then slip the second bottle over the top. This will prevent the tools from rattling inside the fender bag; many times this can extend the life of the fender bag. Wrap duct tape around the out side can several times. This will provide some tape that can be used for a variety of trail side fixes. On the trail, the bottles can also be used to hold small parts, transfer gas, fill radiator, etc…

  • Carry a fanny pack. Include:
  1. Snack bars
  2. First Aid supplies
  3. Iodine tablets (for water purification)
  4. A hollow survival whistle with a waterproof compartment for matches w/matches. It also has a compass, flint, and a signal mirror.
  5. Camera with extra film
  6. Maps of area
  7. Extra spark plug(s)
  8. Small flashlight
  9. Safety wire
  10. 6ft. of light gauge insulated wire
  11. Light weight survival blanket
  12. Cash!!!

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