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XR600R Magneto Winding Baja Designs Style

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Stock Stator

Stator Rewound by Baja Designs

Well, if you don’t feel you have the skill necessary to rewind your own stator using the tips in Part 1, or, like me, you just don’t have the time, consider giving Baja Designs a call. That’s what I did. For under $100, they will take your XR600 stator and remove the stock windings used for lighting, leaving intact the two windings for the ignition circuit. Then they’ll wind all of the empty spools to provide two 125-watt outputs. I have to say this is way cool.

After removing the stator and sending it to Baja Designs, it was returned better than ever. Included with the newly rewound stator were a variety of instructions. These instructions show how to install the new stator in two different configurations. The first is with the stock lighting. In this configuration, a 100-watt headlamp can be powered from one of the outputs. The taillight and other accessories, such as grip heaters, electric vest, helmet light, etc., can be used. In the second configuration, instructions are included for those who own the Baja Design dual sport conversion kit.

While instructions for this third configuration are not included, the system can also be wired to power simultaneously both high and low beams of a dual element headlamp using a single output for each element. This can really brighten the night…

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