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Words of Wisdom

Wedded Bliss . . .

Brad, Paul, Bryce, Jay, and Jim

Some say, “It’s the beginning of an adventure.” Others say, “It’s about time.” Everyone says, “Your life has changed.” And I guess I’m about to find out how, because like Jay, Brad, and Paul, I now am married and have begun to live in wedded bliss.

Before I get myself into too much trouble, I want to start by saying my wife is smarter than I am, my wife is beautiful, and she has a wonderful heart. Neither I nor any of the guys have been able to figure out what she sees in me. I truly am a lucky man. She also is very generous (Right Sweetie?).

You can probably tell already that I have no experience, whatsoever, in wheedling toys and large ticket items from my better half. I am going to have to take lessons from my more experienced friends. Let’s see, who has the most toys?

Jay was not married yet when I first met him. He drove a little Toyota two-door hatch-back and didn’t have a current motorcycle. He got married shortly afterward. Thirteen years later he has a nice family, house, car, truck, and three bikes (He also has more computer paraphernalia than he knows what to do with.).

Brad was not married when I first met him. He drove an old Buick Cutlass Supreme. He did have an ’81 XR-500 and a boat. He got married within a couple years. Fourteen years later he has a nice family, house, car, truck, and four bikes. He doesn’t have as much computer stuff as Jay (not many people do).

Paul was not married when I first met him. He drove something. It wasn’t a bike. He had never owned a motorcycle. He got married shortly afterward. Five or six years later he has a nice family, house, Jeep wagon, truck, and four bikes.

Starting my marriage, I have a house, truck and three motorcycles (I just bartered my fourth motorcycle to Paul for some house repairs). Where do I go from here? Well, my truck has over 260k miles on it, my road bike has not run for over three years, and my XL-600 is an ’86. I need new toys.

Yeah, yeah, so I bought a new KLX-300 a little over a year ago. That still doesn’t mean I have to be satisfied with what I’ve got. I just have to figure out how to justify it with my “better half.”

Wedded bliss is where both partners love and respect each other. It is a marriage in which there is compromise and occasional sacrifice. It is one where there are no secrets. Good negotiating skills are a must. I look to my more experienced friends for examples and guidance.

Each of Jay’s last two dirt-bike purchases was followed shortly by the birth of a child. I am not sure I am ready for this kind of commitment to motorcycling. Brad has bought new motorcycles shortly after spending gobs of money on a new car for his wife and kitchen and bathroom remodels. Brad’s got a toddler and a newborn as well. Paul has managed to accumulate his motorcycle wealth by bartering, trading, and accepting really beat used bikes. (Of course the KDX I just traded Paul is in almost perfect shape, has low mileage, and has only been ridden in 1st gear in the parking lot… Shut up Brad.) Even then, Paul gets in trouble every time. He also has one toddler and a “bun in the oven.”

So these are the examples I have. Hoo boy. I may just have to come up with my own strategy. They say it is easier to ask for forgiveness. Hmm, I basically didn’t get to go on this year’s Rubicon ride because we were on our honeymoon the week before. Hmm… Just remember, Honey, I love you.

Words of Wisdom -- Bryce