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Welcome to All-OffRoad Dirt Bike Archives!

From here you can access all of the previous articles and features from previous editions of All-OffRoad. For now, our concentration is on Dirt Bikes.

Dirt Bike PhotoAll-OffRoad is designed with the weekend warrior type of off-road enthusiast in mind. Currently our focus is going to be Off-Road Motorcycles. This includes all topics for Dirt Bikes including articles on Trail Riding, Dual Sport/Dual Purpose Motorcycles, Riding Enduros, Motocross Motorcycles, eventually maybe even information on Trials Riding. We love dirt bikes and most everything related to them. We feature everything from trip reports to dirt bike pictures, including product reviews.

Our original intention was to provide information for all types of off-road enthusiasts including: 4x4s, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, you name it. After checking out a lot of other sites, and spending a couple of months seriously doing this, we've made the decision to concentrate dirt bike motorcycles (for now), including information about off-road and dual sport riding and dual purpose motorcycles. There are so many other really good sites available that we felt we could only do a mediocre job trying to cover everything. As we grow, we hope to expand back out into the other areas.

There's always quite a bit of construction going as I re-organize the previous articles. However, there should NEVER be any broken links (ok, maybe buttons that don't do anything – that's not as bad is it???). Be sure to check our current issue!


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