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Ken "Merfman" Murphy

Age: 40 real years, about 78 "experience" years. "Experience" years are kinda like dog years, only they hurt more.

Experience: I was a kind squid for the years starting from 1982-1985 when I raced an XL250R in select TSCEC races. Starting in 1987, I started racing the RMEC circuit on a semi-regular basis. I think I've missed less than 7 races in 11 years. I've served as an officer in the RMEC for 5 years, 2 of those as chairman. I've spent most of my time racing in the 200/250B divisions, finishing in the top 5 almost every year, but just never getting "over the hump" due to something. (See "experience" years reference above. I spent two years racing in the "damn sandbaggers" class (Sportsman) and won that class for two years. This year I'm currently racing the Sr B and am currently in 2nd place.

MerfMan01.jpg (16530 bytes)

Favorite Riding: Anywhere there's dirt. I think my current favorite racing are the races in Northwest Texas. Nice sandy loam, tight jersey ripping, arm bruising, welding-rod trees. Fun stuff. Best of all is the approximate 1800' elevation where us high-country boys experience about a 20% gain in power.

Favorite Places: Home MX track is Aztec in Colorado Springs. Kudos to Byron Wolfe for bringing a class act to the public. He does a great job in keeping the track from getting boring, and prepping it on a daily basis. Favorite trail system is the area in/around Divide Colorado. Same trails were the recent Pikes Peak National Enduro was contested.