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Family Photos

Family Photo Album coming soon. Until then, here's a few samples...

OK, OK here's a couple new photos (sorry, been busy lately).
And for all of you Jennesses out there, no my father is not lying I am related to him. I realize I'm much better looking, but you'll have to take our word for it.


EricAtBarber.gif (37330 bytes)
Eric at Barber Shop - 5/98
Baby.gif (29253 bytes)
First photo of new baby Girl - 02/25/98

RoseNOle.gif (36201 bytes)
Gwamma Rose, Eric & Papa (Wheelie) Ole


The Jennesses - 1966
Bev, Jay, & Ole

BajaFramed.gif (123217 bytes)

SquareGlamour.gif (61328 bytes)
Becky (my lovely wife)

Eric - 1997
Eric (my enthusiastic son)

Ess Rafting - 1997

Click on the raft for more rafting photos!


Well, I reduced the number of colors for most of these photos. They should look a little better...

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