Howdy, welcome to my "Home Page."

This is really just an old legacy page that shows up in so many places I can't bring myself to just delete it... So I update it now and then...

You may be wondering "Who is Jay Everson?" Good question, I'm not sure I really know. I'm a professional hobbyist, a wanna-be guitarist, a dirt biker, a photographer, a husband, a father, and a PMP certified project manager. Yes, I am the same Jay Everson that worked for CSA Engineering, Inc. Though, I no longer do software development. I have also worked for Remedy Corporation, Peregrine Systems, and BMC Software. Additionally, I have worked as a contractor/consultant for a variety of companies, including: Seagram's, Melbourne IT, RHR International LLP, Strock Property Management, and New Creation Church. When I am not managing complex IT projects or messing around with computers, most of my spare time is currently devoted to photography, graphic design, and managing a variety of websites.

For more information, please checkout my resume.


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